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Bottega Pinot Grigio Rose IGT delle Venezie 2021 - 75 cl

DOC Delle Venezie is the most recent denomination in Northeastern Italy. It was established in 2017 to protect and promote Pinot Grigio, a wine that symbolizes Italianness all over the world. It includes Veneto and Friuli Venezia-Giulia regions and the Province of Trento. It covers an area with a wide variety of climates and soils, specialized in cultivation and winemaking of various vines, and historically in the production of Pinot Grigio.


Production Area: Province of Treviso (Veneto), Italy
Vine: Pinot Grigio
Plants per Hectare: 3000 - 3500
Training System: Spurred cordon
Harvest Period: Beginning of September
Yield per Hectare: 100-120 q/Ha

Production Area
DOC Delle Venezia area includes the hills ranging from Lake Garda to Collio, and a vasst plain between the Adriatic Sea and River Po. The Climate is temperate, fresh in the winter and hot, breezy in the summer. Rainfall is abundant but evenly distributed over the year, and soils are rather draining. Day-to-night temperature excursion is quite remarkable during grape ripening, which enhances their aromas. Grapes used for our Pinot Grigio Rose Doc Delle Venezie have their origin in the river Piave area, characterized by alluvial, lighter soils, which give the wine acidity, freshness and complex aromas.

Production Process
>    Grapes are harvested in the beginning of September.
>    Grapes are destemmed and softly pressed, they undergo a 12-hout maceration process, during which the must is left in contact with the skins at a low temperature with the addition of dry ice, which reduces the risk of oxidation, cools the grapes, and favors the extraction of color and aromas.
>    The must is then separated from the skins through a soft pressing and then undergoes clarification and fermentation at a controlled temperature.

>    The wine is transferred into another container where it matures on lees for 3 months. Lees are yeasts that have concluded their life cycle and release aromatic substances which enrich the bouquet, and mannoproteins which positively influence body and stability.


Organoleptic Characteristics:
Color and Appearance: Light coral pink with copper tinges.
Bouquet: Fresh and elegant, with pleasant fruity notes of peach and apricot, a delicate hint of citrus and aromas of peach blossom in the finish.
Taste: Dry, well-structured, pleasantly persistent, with balanced acidity and a delicate mineral note in the finish.

Chemical Characteristics:
ABV: 12%
Sugar, g/l: 2-5
Total Acidity, g/l: 5,00-6,50
Serving Temperature: 10-12 °C
Serving Suggestions: It goes particularly well with fish courses (shellfish in particular), rice, poultry and fresh cheeses. Perfect also as aperitif.
Enjoy it within: 18 months
Recommended Glass: Tulip glass