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Terret and Vermentino are two Mediterranean grape varieties. Terret is a traditional grape variety of the Languedoc region. Initially a dark skinned
grape, over time it also evolved into grey and white skinned grapes. Cultivated surfaces never exceeded 1,000 ha in France.
At one point, vineyards of Terret Blanc covered up to 6,000 ha in the Languedoc region. Today, only 1,700 ha remain.
Vermentino is a grape variety originating from Italy. It was then planted in Corsica, Provence and lastly, in the Languedoc region, where the cultivated surface continues
to grow. At present, there are 3,000 ha of Vermentino vineyards in France.


In order to achieve a balanced and complex vintage, the vineyards we have selected are cultivated on clay and calcareous hillsides.
This type of location provides favourable sun exposure conditions on the hillsides as well as suffi cient water reserves in the limestone earth so that the vineyards can reach
its desired maturity. Furthermore, these vineyards are controlled using the Royat Cordon pruning technique
enabling to grow balanced grapes with a regular maturity. The rootstocks are adapted to the soils.


During the conception of this vintage, we wanted to achieve an impression of freshness and an elegant length. The natural choice, of course was to choose the Terret for their vivacity and Vermentino for their smoothness and elegant and fl oral aromas. We harvested the Vermentino fi rst as they are more precocious, and continued
with the Terret, once the berries had been tasted on the vine for their aromatic ripeness. The grapes are harvested at night time so as to prevent their oxidation and thus obtain richer and fresher wines. They are pressed directly without any maceration. No sulphur is added during
the fermentation, which is carried out at a low temperature. A very regular fermentation with extremely precise aromas is achieved by adding
a measured quantity of oxygen during the wine-making process. As soon as the alcoholic fermentation has ended, the wines are cooled and left
to mature without any sulphur on fi ne lees so as to reinforce their minerality which is much appreciated here at M. Chapoutier.
The two wines are therefore elaborated separately. The complexity and the elegant and teasing touch of Marius blanc are then revealed
by our wine blending know-how.

Wine tasting characteristics

Colour: brilliant and pale yellow with green tints.
Nose: very open, we fi nd citrus aromas and notes of grapefruit and ripe fruit.
Taste: an ample, rich and fruity attack. Good acidities and aromas of ripe fruit give a great persistancy.
Marius advises you to serve this wine between 10 and 12°C during an aperitif or a meal among friends.

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