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Distilled Dry Gin - cl 50

Gin is a strong and aromatic distillate. Its origin is linked to a Dutch medicine and physics professor, Franciscus De La Boe,
who studied the properties of juniper essential oils obtained by re-distilling an infusion of berries macerated in pure alcohol. Adopted by British soldiers going back home from
the Netherlands, it did not take long for gin to became a well know drink in Britain.
The pre-hellenic term "bacûr" was used in ancient times to indicater copper.

Production Area

 Veneto, Italy


Distilled Dry Gin Bacur is accurately mixed in Bottega’s traditional family distillery. Its unique character is obtained by botanicals like juniper
berries, sage and lemon zest. Its quality and complexity depend not only on the quantity of plants, but also on the conditions in which aromatic
compounds are extracted from each of them.

Organoleptic Characteristics:

Color and Appearance: Colorless and crystal clear.
Bouquet: It opens with an intense scent of juniper, followed by citrus
notes of lemon zest, and closes with sage hints.
Taste: Smooth and balanced, it delicately warms the palate without
being aggressive, leaving a pleasant perfumed perception in the mouth.

Chemical Characteristics:

ABV: 40%

Serving Temperature: 8-10° C
Serving Suggestions: Perfect when enjoyed pure, as well as in cocktails and long drinks.
Enjoy it within: No time limit recommended.
Recommended Glass: Tumbler.