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Lemon liqueur - cl 100

Traditional Italian liqueur, dating back to the end of the nineteenth century. The lemon peels are the fine ingredient
of this product with its elegant and attractive packaging.

Production Area: Veneto and Sicily


Limoncino Bottega is produced from an infusion of “Femminello” lemon peel. This cultivar which is widespread in Italy and characterised by
a peel with a thin grain and high quality essential oils. This variety of lemon is called “Femminello” because of the fertility of the plant, which
flowers all year round. It is very sensitive to the cold, but quite resistant to high temperatures, it is capable of providing constant production.
The lemons are grown naturally and untreated in areas with a warm dry climate and a draining soil rich in gravel, sand and peat. Lemons are
picked at the peak of ripeness, washed and peeled by hand, removing the white part (bitter) and only selecting the yellow peel which is rich in
essential oils. The lemon peels are infused in alcohol for about 30 days. This allows the extraction of the aromatic and colouring substances. The
liquid is then separated from the peel. Finally, sugar and high quality grappa is added, making this Limoncino unique and unmistakable.

Organoleptic Characteristics:

Color and Appearance: Lemon yellow.
Bouquet: Intense aroma of ripe lemons.
Taste: Sweet, full, juicy with a slightly citrus fragrance.

Chemical Characteristics:

ABV: 30%

Serving Temperature: -18° C

Serving Suggestions: Perfect as an ingredient for aperitifs, excellent an after-dinner drink, it also goes well with ice-creams, sorbets and fresh fruit salads.
Enjoy it within: 5 years
Recommended Glass: Tumbler
Sizes Available: 100 cl.