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Prosecco DOC Spumante Dry - cl 75

Bottega Stardust is a Prosecco DOC, obtained by the vinification of Glera grapes, grown on the Treviso hills. It is a
product of immediate visual impact, as the green glass of the traditional bottle is entirely covered by a galaxy of crystals.
The effect “stardust” makes especially shining the moment of the aperitif and of the toast. The front of the bottle is free
from crystals and reproduces by subtracting the sinuous Bottega logo that marks all bubbles of the company. The
packaging is completed by an elegant cardboard box.

Production Area: Treviso hills (Veneto), Italy
Vine: Glera
Plants per Hectare: 3000-3500
Training System: Double inverted
Harvest Period: From the end of September
Yield per Hectare: 120 q/Ha


Production Area
>    The area, close to the Venetian Prealps, has a perfect climate for this native grape variety. The wide temperature range stimulates an     
     increased production of aromatic compounds, maintains a good level of acidity in the grape and improves the polyphenolic composition.
>    In the vineyard where these grapes are grown, the ages of the vines vary. The very old vines, some up to 80 years old, only manage to
     produce a small number of grapes, however they accumulate a higher concentration of substances and noble compounds. The
     resulting wine is therefore of a higher quality.

Production Process
>    The grapes are harvested by hand, allowing the selection of the best bunches and their protection, then softly pressed in the winery. The     
     obtained must is stored in cuve close at low temperature to preserve its freshness and its varietal aromas.
>    The fermentation takes place in cuve close, according to the  Martinotti method. The single fermentation, carried out starting from     
     the must (100%), allows to preserve the primary aromas of the grape. The wine is then characterized by more complex and persistent scents.
>    The entire process lasts about 40 days at a controlled temperature     
     of 14-15° C. The yeast used in fermentation are specially selected from indigenous varieties which, over the years, have naturally     
     colonized our grapes and our wine cellar. These local yeast populations bestow the wine with traditional characteristics of Prosecco.
>    Following fermentation, the must is left in contact with the lees: the
     dead yeast cells release some important compounds which enhance the body and the flavor of the wine. Bottega Stardust is always     
     produced to order for maximum freshness.

Organoleptic Characteristics:

Color and Appearance: Brilliant, with a rich, creamy and persistent foam
and fine perlage. Straw yellow.
Bouquet: Typical of Prosecco: fruity (Golden apple, William pear, peach,citrus) and floral (acacia, wisteria, lily of the valley and slight final hint of roses).
Taste: Harmonious, elegant, persistent; good balance between the rich texture and pleasant mineral notes.

Chemical Characteristics:

ABV: 11%
Sugar, g/l: 20
Total Acidity, g/l: 5,00-6,00
Serving Temperature: 4-5 °C
Serving Suggestions: Good as aperitif, it goes particularly well with
refined dishes of poultry, shellfish (excellent with lobster), sushi and raw fish, pastries and dessert in general.
Enjoy it within: 18 months.
Recommended Glass: Flute.