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Barolo, one among the most famous and appreciated Italian red wines, represents an excellence in oenology and has
been described as “the king of wines, the wine of kings”. It is named after a municipality, or, more specifically, after
a feud owned by the Marquises of Falletto, who created this renowned wine at the beginning of the 19th century. Barolo
is produced with Nebbiolo grapes, conveying great body and structure to this unique, inimitable, long living wine.

Production Area: Langhe (Piedmont), Italy
Vine: Nebbiolo
Plants per Hectare: 4000
Training System: Guyot
Harvest Period: Mid-October
Yield per Hectare: 80 q/Ha


Production Area
Nebbiolo is characterized by bunches rich in small blue grapes, with a great resistance and late ripening. It is grown in the Langhe, a hilly
land with limestone-clay soil, which enhances its typicality. In this area, the continental climate is cold temperate, with cool winters and hot,
dry summers mitigated by ventilation and storms.

Production Process
> In mid-October, grapes are hand-picked, pressed and destemmed.
> Fermentation takes place in steel tanks vats at a controlled temperature with maceration that lasts 15-20 days and daily pump-    
     overs. The process of “pumping over” involves breaking the cap of the skin formed on top of the vats during fermentation.
     The purposes of “pumping over” are:
    > Dissolving substances contained in the skin into the must;
    > Aerating the must to favor the proliferation of yeasts;
    > Cooling the fermenting must.
> After this process, the skins are separated from the must and the malolactic fermentation takes place. The wine thus becomes         
     smoother and develops more complex aromas.
> The wine is then naturally cold stabilized and aged in French oak barriques for 24 months. Aging brings a more rounded and softer     
     character to the wine, stabilizing its color and enriching its bouquet.
> At the end of this process, the wine is bottled and is then aged at constant temperature and humidity, away from any artificial
     or natural light.
> According to wine regulations, Barolo DOCG Collina del Sole can be released on the market only after 1st January of the third year     
     following the harvest.

Organoleptic Characteristics:

Color and Appearance: Intense ruby red with garnet tinges.
Bouquet: Intense, complex and particularly persistent, with hints of plum, cedar, and floral notes, balanced with aromas of tobacco,
black pepper, cinnamon and licorice.
Taste: Full-bodied, concentrated, structured, with a great balance between tannic and acid components, making it a long living wine.

Chemical Characteristics:

ABV: 14%
Sugar, g/l: <3
Total Acidity, g/l: 5,00-6,50
Serving Temperature: 16-18° C
Serving Suggestions: It goes particularly well with mushroom or truffle dishes, braised meat, venison, goat, lamb, medium and long seasoned
cheeses. Thanks to its intensity, Barolo is perfect as a meditation wine, to be enjoyed far from meals.
Enjoy it within: 5 years.
Recommended Glass: Balloon.