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Pinot Nero Spumante Brut - cl 75

Bottega Diamond is a Brut sparkling wine obtained using the Long Charmat method through white-wine vinification of
Pinot Nero grapes. The bottle is adorned with a series of small brilliants spelling
out the name Bottega, giving the final touch to this product
and highlighting its value, elegance and refinement.

Production Area: Lombardy, Italy
Vine: Pinot Nero
Average Production: 4500 plants per hectare
Training System: Guyot, Spur-pruned cordon
Harvest Period: End of August - First days of September
Yield per Hectare: 70-80 q/Ha


Production Area
>    On the right bank of the Po river in the south of Lombardy region, extends a land of gently sloping hills characterized by extremely     
     favourable climatic and geomorphological conditions for growing grapes.
>    It has a temperate climate with high temperature ranges, dry in the winter and breezy in the summer.
>    The soil is sedimentary with marl made up of equal parts of limestone and clay.

Production Process
>    The grapes are hand-picked allowing to:
    >    prevent the presence of material that could negatively influence the wine’s sensory profile (pieces of leaves, branches, pieces of bark);
    >    reduce the crushing and breaking of the grapes with the leaking of must (mashing) and its subsequent premature oxidation, which
         would result in a decrease of the phenolic potential;
    >    decrease the percentage of grapes or bunches that are diseased or not perfectly mature.
>    The white-wine vinification occurs, immediately separating the skins from the must using soft pressing.
>    The base wine then undergoes a second fermentation according to the Long Charmat method in cuve close at 14 °C:
    >    specific yeasts for this vinification method are added;
    >    the temperature is set to 14-15 °C to avoid the risk of delayed or     
         blocked fermentation, a decrease in the fullness and delicacy of the aromas, and an alteration in color;
    >    at the end of the fermentation process, the wine is left for a long time (4-5 months) to age on the lees.
>    The entire process lasts at least 3 months. During this time, daily swirling of the mass is performed to bring the sediments back into     
     fermentation. This operation promotes contact between the wine and the lees, enriches its structure and increase the complexity of its sensory profile.
>    Then the wine is stabilized at -5 °C and finally filtered and bottled.

Organoleptic Characteristics:

Color and Appearance: Straw-yellow, bright, fine and persistent perlage.
Bouquet: Complex, elegant and refined bouquet characterized by light and pleasant aromas of crusty bread and yeast with a delicate floral edge at the end.
Taste: Full, well-rounded and velvety, with excellent structure and taste-olfactory persistence. It is characterized by its richness of flavour,
balanced acidity and yellow fruit aromas that, in the finish, tend towards sweet almond.

Chemical Characteristics:

ABV: 12%
Sugar, g/l: 4-12
Total Acidity, g/l: 5,00-6,00
Serving Temperature: 4-5 °C
Serving Suggestions: Excellent as an aperitif, it pairs well with starters, rice dishes, raw or cooked fish (especially shellfish), vegetarian dishes,
flavourful white meats, cheeses and desserts.
Enjoy it within: 18 months
Recommended Glass: Flute